Rooted Pine Tree - Art Print 12 x 18 - Everhard Designs Nature Art

Rooted Pine Tree - Art Print 12 x 18

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This is a high quality reproduction of an original painting by Kimberlee Everhard. Kimberlee creates the prints herself, scanning, editing, printing and cutting out each print. Each one is also signed by the artist.

Printed on high quality matte paper.

The size of this print is 12 x 18 inches.

Made in Ohio

The inspiration

This painting is inspired by walks in the woods and the grace and fortitude of pine trees. I took a picture of this tree at a local park and decided to paint it. I imagined what the roots would look like, holding the tall trunk of the tree steady enough to not fall over but still wave in the wind.

The artist

Kimberlee loves nature and gets most of her inspiration on the trail or at local metro parks or national parks when she travels. She loves being outdoors and through her art shares that passion for the natural world with others.